The ground work of the stadium is in the final stage, the planting work will start in a few days !!

The ground work of the stadium is in the final stage, the planting work will start in a few days !! Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium, the first international cricket stadium of Nepal which is being built at Chitwan, Nepal. The name of this stadium was under the name of Buddha who is also known by Light of Asia. The campaign of this stadium is being built under the support and guidance of Dhurmus-Suntali foundation.

Sitaram kattel famous by a name Dhurmus and Kunjana Ghimire, famous by a name suntali are the founder of this stadium and they are the supporter of this stadium. The Bharatpur Metropolitan City is the owner of the land where the stadium is being built and it covers the area of 20 bigha and 6 Khatta. According to a report, it will be the national heritage our country Nepal and its tenant is Nepal national cricket team. This stadium can hold 30,000 peoples.

Entry gate of the stadium shows the traditional Nepalese architecture of our country which includes- Janakpurdham,Gadimai,Badimalika, Swayambunath,Pashupatinath,Bindabasini,Siddha Baba, Swarga dwari, Lumbini, Pathivara, Buddasubba, Halesi, and many more which reflects the whole Nepal at one glance. Stadium will consist of 4 opening door and will cover the land of 135 batch, through which viewer can view the match having fun and enjoyment.

The separate place will also be made for the VIP person. VIP will be from both national and international Level. LED screen will be placed at various corners/parts of the stadium. And also Special for light will be placed which make the stadium so lightful and it will be difficult for the peoples to differentiate between the day and night. Media center will be opened and managed in a proper way to aired the news that is undergoing inside the cricket stadium. The news will not be broadcasted through the different channels.

This will help to spread the name of our country to the international world and will also help in the tourism sector of Nepal. And attracting the tourists of different foreign countries which will definitely help to improve and the economy condition of our country. Stadium consists of two grounds for practice purpose and Nepal Government gives the approval for its construction under the guidance of Bharatpur Metropolitan city.

Sitaram kattel, the co-founder of Dhurmus Suntali foundation said that people are providing their helping hands for the fund and also has some hope from the Nepal Government side too. Volleyball, basketball, football, badminton, tekando, and our Nepalis game dandibiyo will also be played inside the cricket stadium. The stadium will also contain fitness center, swimming pool, and medical hall.

Different rest rooms, sitting rooms, kitchen and other will also be made. Different sculpture of Nepalese animals like- one horned rhino, elephant will also be placed which will reflect the Nepalese culture. The stadium will play the very important role to reflect our small country Nepal to the international world.

It will promote our Nepalese our heritage, our tradition, culture, and our norms and values and also helps in economic growth of our country. It will also provide the opportunity to all the talented players of our country of 77 districts to show their talent by competing with all the international standards. It will be that academy who will produce the talented and best players of our country.

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