The hero of Dharan, Hark Sampang Harka Sampang | Dharan Mayor

Independent candidate Hark Sampang Rai, who was elected as the mayor of Dharan Sub-metropolis, has formed a task force to make the tax system scientific and systematic. He made the decision the day after he was elected mayor. This is his first decision.


It has been decided to form a revenue task force to determine the identification rates of tax and non-tax revenue sources assigned to the local level, to expand the scope of tax and to develop scientific local tax system to operate within the list of single rights given to the local level by the constitution of Nepal.

The deputy chief is the coordinator of the task force. Among the members are Chief Administrative Officer, Economist nominated by the Mayor, and representatives of Sunsari Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Khagendra Prasad Khatiwada, information officer of Dharan sub-metropolis said that the chief secretary of the revenue division of the municipality has been appointed as the member secretary.

The announcement of results started from the office of the Returning Officer in the next building of the school. Sampang, who was sleeping, ran forward and started recording on his mobile. He has been competing with the candidates of political parties since the counting of votes started. On Wednesday, he will surpass the candidates of all the parties. While writing this material, his lead continues. In the counting of votes in every ward, his election symbol ‘Lauro’ is applauded as soon as the vote is announced.

He used to carry a hand mic in the street and raise his voice against corruption alone but now he has become a celebrity of Dharan. Those who did not believe him until yesterday are meeting him today and congratulating him. Many people think that Hark Sampang came into the limelight all of a sudden, but he says, “It’s not a sudden environment. I have fought for it for a long time. ”

When the results of 100 votes in Dharan ward no. The initial vote surprised everyone. Because, Vada no. 1 was known as the stronghold of the Nepali Congress. Moreover, Sampang had not preached in that ward. In the subsequent calculations, sometimes he came first and sometimes second. Not only others but Sampang himself was surprised by the result of this vote. He said on Wednesday,

Sampang Dharan has been agitating for the last 10 years by raising issues of public concern. When he agitates over the drinking water problem, when he goes to the officials of the BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences to raise questions and sit in a sit-in. He is openly against the delay in providing services and facilities to the government and is raising voice about unemployment. “The issues I have raised are common to all,” he says.

Sampang once went to Afghanistan for foreign employment. After returning from abroad, he started an organization called National Unity Network and launched an anti-corruption campaign. At that time, he used to write ‘Kranti’ after his name. He also ran the Adivasi Mulwasi Ekta Sanjal, Aam Ekta Abhiyan. He also opened the Tempo Ekta Sangh. He himself is a tempo businessman. In the beginning, sometimes alone and sometimes in a small group, miking in the toll booth against corruption and corruption, he spoke openly about the problems that have appeared in the society. He is the voice of the voiceless

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