The innovation center is being built from a corona-surviving PPE to a hatchery machine.

The innovation center is being built from a corona-surviving PPE to a hatchery machine.
During the first phase of covid infection in Nepal, the National Innovation Center had made a big contribution by constructing PPE. This step of Mahabir Pun, the chairman of the center, has helped the doctors, nurses and those working in the front line. He said that the first phase of corona infection has a future and even then the center has provided all possible assistance for the prevention of corona.

One year has passed since the beginning of corona infection in Nepal. In this one year, the innovation center has been producing various materials necessary to save the doctors and nurses, said Pun. In fact, the work of the Innovation Center is to discover new things, but it has been spent in the manufacture of materials, including PPE, to help doctors and nurses survive the epidemic. Materials worth Rs 50 million have been produced and distributed in one year. With the second phase of corona infection spreading in the country, the innovation center is still ready to produce materials if needed.

Apart from this, other research work is also going on, said Pun.
Established as the first innovation center in Nepal, this center is carrying out many research works. Pun said that the center would not produce any goods for display. The Innovation Center has not provided any assistance in the production of non-commercial items. The Innovation Center has been providing financial and manpower support to commercialize all the products produced here and bring them to the notice of the general public.

The center has also produced jamsut worn by nurses in the hospital. The center has stated that around 26,000 such jamsuts have been distributed free of cost. It costs Rs 1,000 to make a Jamsut i.e. PPE. As the body is completely covered, it is also suitable to avoid this jamsut corona.

Similarly, the Center for Innovation is continuously advancing the work of building robots. So far, the robot’s body parts are being built. In addition, a web warmer is being built. The baby warmer will be used to keep the baby warm if the newborn has pneumonia or arrhythmia, the center said.

The center has been producing various types of materials. In this case, vending machines, egg hatching incubators, bee hives, earthenware machines are also being built. The vending machine produces the juice, while the egg hatcher removes the chickens. Currently, beekeeping vehicles are being constructed for the Terai region. Traditional pottery is still being made in Nepal. But now the innovation center is making these tasks easier. The center is also building a potting machine.

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