The journey of two courageous women who enjoy joy and sorrow

She has been working in the field of journalism for a long time, known to many people from the common question program prepared by the BBC, in the herne katha conducted by Bidya Chepagai, the place where many people have been decorating their dreams, has their happiness together with nature. In today’s episode, the story of the team is Bagbana village, 27 kilometers away from Birganj metropolis, on the edge of the forest. Two buses from Asya Debi and Savana Debi leave in the morning to come to the market from there.

Asya Debi Choudhary and Sahana Debi, who are bus drivers and sailors, leave home in the morning and return home after their journey in the evening. Asya Debi and Sahana enjoy traveling by bringing passengers in the car, collecting money, and creating easy communication for the driver. People in Gaughar used to enter the city to get various services. In the morning, Sahana and Asya run back and forth playing the Bellika Harn together with an hour difference. Locals say that they used to ride bullock carts to go to the village market, but now it is easier and easier.

Although the dreams of the people who start their journey with a big dream of living in the city are big, the dream of the common citizen is limited to completing their work and moving two miles. They are rejoicing with Sundar Chahal, moving their lives forward. Even though it is very easy for people who enjoy their work, it is very difficult for working people.

The story team of Gaughan, Sahar Bazar, has prepared the stories of the people of the village, the days of pain, laughter, happiness, and struggle. It is written in the story. Why Herne Katha? people behind Herne Katha spent 15 years of their lives doing journalism, one day they realized the need to tell more beautiful and inspiring stories of people the real people. herne Katha is a web series produced by tana bana digital in Nepal. we tell stories of people in the format of short documentaries. The new episode of Herne Katha is a publication on every alternate Tuesday (15 days)on youtube .you can also watch here Katha on Kantipur television every Tuesday at 6:30pmscript /direction -kamal Kumar,presenter-Bidhya Chapagain, cinematographer Jeevan Rijal, video editor -Sandesh party,producer-Enuma Rai share your story -if you have a story that is suitable for Herne Katha, please do not hesitate to contact us. for singers and musicians -if you are an emerging artist or musician, we need you. we went to feature your creation in our episodes and support you to get noticed by thousands of our audience.

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