The leadership of the youth is needed in the present times:kavindra 

The joint general minister of the Rashtriya Swatantra Party, Kavindra Burlakoti, has said that if his candidates win the election and form the government, then the corrupt will be defeated.  Talking to program director Sanjib Regmi in Headline Nepal, Joint Minister Burlakoti said that he is not afraid of any VIP leader contesting the election.  He has said that people will change their opinion because he has fought to change the face of the Nepali people and change the situation of the country.

Sir’s leader of the country, Pushpa Kamal Dahal, said that Rabi Lamichhane will contest the election from Prachanda’s area, and he has said that he has no fear of Baburam contesting the election.  Kabindra said that in the democratic system, the people choose the leader who will develop their region and shape the future of the people and the country, so he has no fear.  He said that a good person, whether from the independent party or from the national independent party, who has the vision to play an important role in the development of the country, is welcome.  He said that many people including pilot Bijay Kumar, and Rajesh Hamal can participate in the election.

He said that the people who changed the situation of the country by fighting in their own country are now fighting abroad and to change the situation of Nepal, the people should be given an opportunity in their own country.  He said that the National Independent Party will proceed with a strict policy against corruption.  Burlakoti, who is also going to be a candidate for the member of the House of Representatives from Gorkha Region No. 2, said that his party will do important work to control corruption as it has been identified how corruption occurs in which institutions of the country.

As the responsibility of building the country has fallen on the shoulders of the youth, he said that in the future, the youth from the Pratek region should change their strength and work for the development of the country.  Burlakoti said that by stopping the migration of young people from village to village and making every village self-sufficient in different types of products, the entire country can be made prosperous.  He said that even though Nepal’s system has changed, there has been no change in the condition of the citizens. He said that the next time should be spent on changing the face of the country without limiting it to speeches tomorrow.

Joint Chief Minister Burlakoti said that both the state and the citizens are dependent on remittances, and since Nepal cannot continue in the same way now, it is necessary to find a comprehensive way in the future.  He said that starting from policy reform in education, agriculture should be modernized and marketed in a systematic way.  They said that since they are preparing for the election, the entire team has gone to different places in the country and is interacting with the people.  Even though Baburam has won from the Gorkha region or two, now the people have changed their opinion and said that they will win for themselves.

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