The man who killed his wife and burry her into straw

Nowadays, even a good relationship between husband and wife can turn into an unbelievable event in the society at once. In life, people get closer by associating feelings with others. Marriage is considered as a sacred relationship in Nepali society. But the same sacred relationship sometimes turns into enmity.  In the beginning, the relationship between the two is good. The mother and father who give birth in the son’s house do not get along with each other. But they do get along with their wife.  In some cases, the same straw fire burns Lanka.

Rabin Shrestha, who hails from Bara, married a girl from Palpa three years ago and entered the house. Their relationship was going well at the beginning.  According to Robin’s mother, even though the son and mother did not get along with each other, the two old men were living together.  Has beenRobin, who lives in Bara Debdah municipality, was also very close to the village. After ten days of housework, Robin and his wife returned home after a month’s stay.  No one knows how the man who became the father of a two-year-old child changed abruptly.

The couple, who were walking home from Maiti on Tuesday evening, had stayed at Didi’s house in her lower village that day.  According to his sister, he came home in a good condition after eating at around 9 am on Wednesday. No one could understand what happened on the way. He was killed by Robin who opened his shirt and strangled him at a distance of 2 km from the house.  The information was provided by the people themselves.

Robin’s mother says, “In my opinion, my son and daughter are very well. I don’t know what happened to them that day. I don’t know where my son was killed at night.  I don’t know who they are. After I know all these things, their mother tells them that they belong to each other in the society.  Her mother says that what happened on the way is still open. Her mother claims that her friend should be punished no matter what.

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