The mayor of Itahari has arrested who build houses on public land

Nepali Congress Itahari has locked the office of Itahari Sub-metropolitan Mayor Dwariklal Chaudhary. The Nepali Congress Itahari Municipal Committee has locked the office of Mayor Dharikalal Chaudhary saying that he has detained the person building a house on public land. The Congress had also locked the office of the mayor and deputy mayor Laxmi Gautam.

Nepali Congress Itahari President Hemkarna Poudel led it. Leader Poudel and dozens of other cadres reached Itahari Sub-metropolis and took the side of Yam Prasad Dhakal. The Congress cadres present there were of the view that even if a house is built on a public land, it should not be closed like this.

However, Itahari sub-metropolitan mayor Dwariklal Chaudhary has been in the news for various reasons. The last time the ward office building was inaugurated was during the discussion. Now they are in the news because one of the service recipients has been locked in the office.

Mayor Chaudhary had called Yam Prasad Dhakal of Itahari-4 to his office and locked him up. Dhakal is accused of encroaching on public land. Mayor Chaudhary had called Dhakal to the office saying that he had built a house on public land.

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