The mayor who went to inaugurate the bridge fell into the river.

Twenty-five people, including the mayor, fell into a ditch after the bridge collapsed during the inauguration of a suspension bridge in the Mexican tourist city of Curanava. The bridge was made of wooden planks and iron chains, which had just been renovated. Watching the video of the collapse, it is seen that the bridge collapsed as the wooden planks were released from the chain. At least 25 people climbed on the bridge at the same time, the official said, quoting Lau.

The mayor and members of the city committee stumbled upon a rock and boulder 10 feet below. The injured have been rushed to various hospitals, while seven others are in critical condition. It is located 80 kilometers south of the capital, Mexico City. Dada in Koyarnava is a rugged and rugged area with a manokshi built in the 16th century. Since the weather there is evergreen, people go there to enjoy the holidays. There are similar bridges in the rivers in the city.

When a contractor builds a substandard structure to make money, he builds a substandard structure, the structure of which is demolished before its use, due to which a large amount of state property is wasted. Although it has raised big questions about the quality of construction contractors, employees and engineers, no specific initiative has been taken so far. The bridge, which is being constructed with huge investment of the state, has been demolished without being inaugurated, which has angered the locals, which has brought international notoriety to the engineers.

According to the locals, the bridge was broken when 25-30 people climbed to test the load while the construction and painting work was going on. When even the people on the bridge do not cross the bridge, there is a suspicion among the engineers, contractors, monitoring bodies and the negotiating parties. Such incidents occur when the contractor works on the construction structure using substandard materials, and is not monitored by the regulatory side, including. The structures built in this way are not as they should be, even though some people are rich, the state property is exploited on a daily basis, which causes the state to incur huge losses every year.

According to the locals, they came to check the load of the bridge, when the lower supports were being removed, when the bridge was about to break, after hearing the noise, the locals came and saw that the bridge was broken. Locals said the bridge was broken because it was built using lower quality materials than the ones in the agreement. According to the locals, due to the setting of engineers, contractors, people of government bodies, the locals said that it was broken. After removing the lower supports, the upper pillars have cracked, and the three-year-old bridge has survived without opening. Without testing the load of the bridge, the bridge has not been able to support its load.

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