The meeting between Balen and Oli, was a sensation

Kathmandu Mayor Balen Sah, who has not become a member of any political party and has become a subject of interest for everyone, is now found to be a subject of interest even outside Nepal. India and China have also discussed the possibility of independent candidates being sidelined by the big party. Balen Sah, who has become the subject of everyone’s interest, has not lost his curiosity about the meeting of Balen, who entered the army headquarters after becoming the mayor.

It is said that Sah met Oli before the final vote, but the picture was later made public. According to a UML source, the five-member team, including Balen, went to Balkot to meet Oli. After taking the oath of office, the ODA chairpersons on the first day, while discussing with everyone in the meeting of the executive committee, the ward chairperson, after loudly speaking to Mayor Sah, after all the procedures, said that the conduct of the program and procedures did not match. Needless to say, we may have been under a lot of stress because of the election, we haven’t been able to sleep for a long time, we don’t have to do a lot of work in one day, so the work will move forward slowly, said Mayor Sah.

Due to the fact that factionalism is rampant in Nepali society, in recent times, people from some parties have been taking unfavorable terms to work for independent people. After the victory of independent candidate Balen Sah and Sunita Dungol from UML for the post of mayor and deputy mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, she has taken an oath that she will always be with the country and the people and work for the good of the country and the people. People from all over the region were present at the swearing-in ceremony in the auditorium. Balen Sah’s wife was also present at the swearing-in ceremony. Balen Sah, who has become the center of hope and trust of the youth all over the country, has high expectations of the people towards the young leader Sunita Dhungol.

After the victory of Balen Sah, an independent candidate for the post of mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, he has been working in the field to fulfill his commitment within 24 hours. Sah, who thinks that the metropolis will be clean and beautiful and the people of Kathmandu will be the companions of happiness and sorrow, is doing his work accordingly. He said that there are so many problems here and they should be on the way to solve them. They are openly praised.

Balen Sah, who has been interested in politics for 10 years, is also interested in astrology. He also created the image of a social worker during the earthquake. Artists, pilots, ordinary citizens, students, people from children to the elderly were also standing with him. After the Election Commission gave Balen Sah the stick election symbol, he has requested Balen to win by an overwhelming majority by voting on the stick symbol to hit the corrupt low head and, to become the charioteer of old age.

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