The meteor shower will start from 11 pm tonight till sunrise on Friday morning

A meteor shower can be seen in the Nepali sky on Thursday night due to the weather. The Veena Meteor Shower (Lyrid Meteor Shower), which has been active since April 20, will remain active till April 30, according to the Nepal Astronomical Society.

The rainfall will be high from 11 pm on Thursday to sunrise on Friday morning, said Suresh Bhattarai, president of the society. According to the society, 15 to 20 meteors can be seen falling every hour during high activity.

The meteor shower is seen when dust particles released by a comet called Thatcher are destroyed by friction in the Earth atmosphere. It takes 415 years for a comet to orbit the Sun.

As a comet or comet orbits the sun, it releases dust particles into its orbit. Which can spread to millions of kilometers. The dust particles scattered in this way are orbiting the sun. Meteors appear when these dust particles hit the Earth atmosphere as they orbit. If 10 or more meteors are seen in such a scene, such an event is called a meteor shower.

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