The mind can be controlled through breathing

If breathing is not done properly, it makes a person mentally weak. It can be confusing and even mentally ill. If you have a breathing process, it makes you happy. Therefore, the lack of breathing is also an obstacle for the yoga seeker.
How do you know if your breathing is good or bad? If a healthy adult breathes 12 to 20 times in 1 minute, then breathing in and out should be 24 to 40 times in 1 minute. It should not be less than 24 in a minute and not more than 40. If it is less than 24 times, the lungs may be damaged. The lungs may not be able to breathe. So it’s normal for us to take and throw 24 times. Also, it is normal to take and throw 40 times.

If it is more than the prescribed time, it can be a mental problem and if it is more than the prescribed time, it can be a physical problem. Therefore, the subject of breathing is also indicating the health condition of a person. Breathing needs to be good for people who do yoga. Those who breathe more than prescribed cannot concentrate on yoga. Also, those who breathe less than prescribed cannot do more yoga.

People do not breathe 24 to 40 times when they are scared. Breathing disturbances occur. So even an angry person and a scared person cannot do yoga. A person with shortness of breath cannot become a seeker or a yogi. When you are stimulated in a positive or negative way, you are breathing more. The mind becomes aggressive. Can’t do yoga even at this time. To understand Dhyana Yoga Shanti, one must be able to bring the mind into balance. The reason for the imbalance of the mind is that the breathing decreases below 24 or increases above 40.

Just as everything has its ups and downs, it also has its ups and downs. Everyone knows that breathing too much can cause problems. Now when you breathe a lot, the mind gets agitated and when you breathe less, the mind comes to rest. This is a positive side. When we are in bliss, in pram, in meditation, the rate of breathing decreases. This is a sign of attention. As meditation increases, so does breathing. If one is able to indulge in meditation in this way, the seeker is attracted by meditation like a magnet.

Sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems operate in the human body. Sympathetic is a nervous system that arouses anger, fear, passion, etc., while cute sympathetic is a system that calms the mind. To meditate, the cute sympathetic nervous system must be running.

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