The minister went to the hospital to meet Deep, the coach of Voice, and urged him not to watch too much news

Coach Deep Shrestha of The Voice of Nepal Season 3 has been undergoing treatment at Hams Hospital for the past one week. Many have been wishing her good health since she contracted the corona. In this connection, it has been reported that the Minister also wished for his health. According to the Facebook status of film patron Prakash Sayami, our esteemed Minister Rambir Manandhar Jew visited Hams Hospital today to inquire about the health condition of senior lyricist and musician Deep Shrestha Jew. According to the status written by Prakash, there was a picture of Minister Manandhar meeting Deep’s wife and a picture of Deep. Deep’s health condition is now normal and there is no need to worry, said Ujle’s family.

Mahanayak Rajesh Hamal has given important information by posting a video. Mahanayaka Hamal will not watch much news in the video. Instead, they are asked to spend time with their family. They have also made public their views on how to maintain their health in the event of an epidemic. He has made the video public with measures to maintain mental health. He said that watching the news of the epidemic could bring mental problems and suggested not to watch the news. In the video, he said, a new variant of Corona has appeared in Nepal, we are all in lockdown. It is important to take care of the mentality in this unusual situation. At this time, be very careful not to watch too much news. To keep your mind positive, you can have fun talking to your family members. If you have a garden at home, you can spend time in the garden, if you have a hobby of cooking, you can cook, do physical exercise, meditate if you have time. In this way, the mind can be kept very positive and fresh, he said in the video. He said that if you are in the habit of watching news, there are many ways to watch news and for that you have to go to one medium for some time to watch news but not much. He says that if you are interested in walking in the air, reading books and writing to make your mind fresh, you can express what is in your mind through writing. He says that such activities can keep his mind fresh and positive.

Former King Gyanendra Shah and his wife Komal Shah have released a video giving information about their health condition. Announcing a video on social network Facebook, the Shah couple expressed their gratitude to ordinary Nepalis in the country and abroad for expressing concern over their health condition. In the released video, the Shah couple has also expressed concern over the health condition of ordinary Nepalis, keeping an eye on the Corona epidemic.

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