The monarchy has not been formally overthrown, it has only been deactivated

According to Sima with Hemant Sedhai, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is running a dangerous race. A clear example of this is the case of Ranjan Koirala. Even after killing his own wife, he is walking freely outside the jail. He said that Oli had taken the key of the judiciary and the legislature in his hands. According to him, the decision of the court is also being taken in the setting. Due to pressure inside the court, the opposition party came to know the decision before the Supreme Court decision. This means that the court is under pressure. Another example is when Kalyan Shrestha became the Chief Justice, he appointed a judge in the Supreme Court, a fundraiser from the European Union. Hemant says that such decisions have been made since the time he was elected.

He said that some of the recent decisions of the court were in the interest of the people. Will this push Oli against more chaos? Will the finger be pointed at the law itself? There is talk of federalism and secularism. It is a matter of law. Dr. Veduram Bhusal has said that former King Gyanendra went to India to bathe in the Aquarius Fair on the advice of Cape Pioli. This means that the question is where the country is going now.

Even in the court’s decision to dissolve the parliament, one decision is killing the ruling party and the other is killing the opposition. A few days ago, a court decision removed the posts of 21 ministers. In this way, the dissolution of the parliament may not be re-established. Therefore, neither the party nor the opposition should be happy today.

Now the government is going to take a quick decision regarding secularism. Secularism can be decided before federalism. This decision may come soon as it touches the sentiments of the people. Now India also wants to mold the Nepali Congress through religion. Therefore, the chances of Sher Bahadur Deuba becoming the Prime Minister are very low. Even in the UML, those who are more dependent on Hinduism seem to be moving forward. India and the West wanted federalism in Nepal. Federalism did not happen on the basis of caste as desired by the West. Because of this, the European Union has remained silent. Another is that India, which wanted to see Nepal torn like a crab, was not possible. A Madhes wanted to be liberated as a state but it did not happen. Therefore, India and the West do not seem to be doing much to preserve federalism. Therefore, it seems that they want to take Nepal back to its previous state.

Yesterday was an attempt to end the monarchy. But the monarchy was not formally overthrown. In fact, the monarchy should have been overthrown by a referendum. The monarchy was only deactivated.
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