The most practical talk..Dr.yogi vikashanand

Life is very different from the life of a spiritual person and other people. People are worried that happiness has not come to them. They are wandering around in search of happiness.  The lives of people who do not know this are sown in a state of disarray. The goals and desires of human beings are very different. People have to walk in different paths.  He struggles a lot to get what he needs. There is a lot of difference between what we think and what we seek. People’s lives are so different that they run after different goals. But happiness is not achieved.

Dr. Yogi says, “Unless people understand the right way of life, they are suffering.”  Man cannot do anything in his tongue till his way is open. So man must strive hard and live a successful life. If the sky is covered by clouds then earth is not open. Darkness covers the earth.  It seems to be necessary. In life, people have to purify themselves in order to get out of life behind closed doors.

Only when the sun opens in the sky does the earth open. The more the soul of man opens, the more his life blossoms.  People have struggled a lot to lead their lives in the direction of truth. No matter how hard a person tries to run his life and be happy, his life does not seem to change until he can be happy. Man has applied these four things in his tongue.  He has lived his life in the management of life, management of life, empowerment of life, enlivenment of life.

Drainage of life is when a person becomes mentally ill. In a state of success, a person works day and night and works in the wrong direction. He seems to be sad that this did not happen.  Man is unhappy as long as he is not able to do what he wants. Talking about salvation makes people unhappy and unhappy.  Man does not know that his property can never be saved unless he can save himself. Just as a tree can be identified by its fruit, so life cannot be identified by its behavior.
In empowerment of life, a person gets what he wants. When he is a child, he gets what he wants even by crying.  He does not allow his life to be free. He is forced to do various things. He strikes all his rhythms.  Management power is only 200 cents. In management, a person needs a place to live. Society, politics, artists, business, everything is made news by shaking hands. Other people’s body cannot be made news even by shaking. In Enlightenment of Life.  Man’s consciousness number is 700-1000. At that time, man cannot eat food by planting plants in the nearby garbage.  If it burns, it helps to light a big fire. Therefore, a person should become a fire, not a normal fire.
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