The mouse that worked harder than man died

From a religious point of view, the mouse has been used as an excuse by Lord Ganesha. If it is used in the right place of any creature, it will be of great benefit.  There is nothing in the world that is useless, if you know the qualities and style of working in it, you can take advantage of whatever you want.  Humans have made many attempts to kill the annoying thing Miso by cutting.

After retiring from work, Maghawa was in good health, with large quantities of explosive found in Cambodia, making it difficult to detect the presence of explosive in such areas.  Maghawa was trained in mine detection in Norway by an organization called Apio Pio.  They can scan 200 square feet of land in an hour. It can take up to four days for a person to do the same work.

A mouse that was doing valuable work died in Cambodia, an East Asian country, on Tuesday. News of his death has caused a sensation around the world.  According to the news agency Rhodes, Maghaba, who was born in the African country of Tanzania in 2014, was sent to Cambodia in 2016 to work there.  Had taken the lives of people, due to which many people had lost their lives.

Many civilians were killed when landmines were buried during the war. Many people were killed when people went to an area without realizing it.  Maghaba had worked for five years to find explosive in the ground, during which he searched for 2.4 million square meters of land.  Porius A, an organization working on livestock, gave Holmerius in the year 2020. The organization has been giving awards to various livestock for 75 years.

Maghawa is the first mouse to receive the Gold Medal of the Period. It has saved the lives of thousands of people by doing things that humans on the ground could not do.  Different kinds of problems can be easily solved by other creatures. So not only does he do wrong things in life, he also does right things.  He had been suffering from health problems since Saturday. If a creature could use its power in the right place, it would save many lives.

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