The movie industry is about to sink? Who was paid how much? Epi-92

Rajatapat, a program that informs about the distortions in the field of movies, music videos and encourages good things, was closed for some time after it reached 90 episodes. After some time, Prakash Subedhi combined the three programs that he runs and opened Prakash Subedhi himself, now he has brought Rajatapat back into operation. He said that the silver screen will be operated every Thursday from 8 pm.

Nowadays, even in marriages, amazing things has started to be seen, who try to discredit the old culture by making it difficult for people. At the time when the film industry is about to sink, the actors take a large amount of salary, which makes it seem that the film industry is about to sink. Heroes and heroines who take a large amount of budget have worked for the government and the development board without paying that much tax. Only two or three movies in a year get a good market. Actors who were not cast in Deepa Deepak’s movie also came to wish him well.

In order to make the relationship between people balanced, a situation has arisen where flattery has to be done, people are also found to have big differences in the music field. Humanity is also disappearing, one has a different way of looking at the other, because their opinions are different, one is causing problems to the other.

Ap 1 television broadcasts every Thursday after 8 pm, you can watch Rajatpat online tv at any time. Prakash Subedhi, a well-known journalist who has been doing journalism in the field of movies and music videos since then, is directing. Subedi, who has received a lot of love from the audience in a short time, is in the limelight one episode after another.

In the field of cinema, there are talks about the works done in the past and present. Humans have advanced their fields by struggling a lot in life, people are in the wrong hands about what to get respect and insult from one another, which changes people in life, media is also needed for any work for people. Now people are busy in their own ways to make their journeys successful, which will bring many benefits to mankind.

Bagina is a program produced by Phurba Sherpan and asst producer by Rachana Gautama. The script is prepared by Kushum Bhattarai. Prakash Subedi, the presenter of the program, has worked to bring out the activities within the Kalakarita area in the program. Some Kalakars stand in favor of Prakash Saput, while others dislike him. He said that Bagina means the confluence of musical instrument and dance, which will talk about these areas.

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