The Musical Medicine Show | EPI 14 | Vijay Lama and Hem Lama

The TMMS i.e. The Musical Medicine Show. It is a weekly Musical show which is hosted by Father-Daughter duet of Deepak Bajracharya. Bajracharya is a mainstay in a nepali music industry from more than two decades. His daughter name is Cherisha Bajracharya. This is one of the fine TV shows in Nepal. It has the motto of presenting the musical viewpoints among the people from different generation. It also helps to promote the number of young’s musical talents commending from the different parts of the country.

As mentioned above, the host also called presenter of the show are Deepak Bajracharya and Cherisha Bajracharya. This musical show is presented every Saturday at 9pm on one and only AP1 HD television. The program is brought to us by Nepal Finance Limited, Lumbini Bikash Bank Limited, and The Prabhu Bank. As the name implies, the show is all about music and musical instruments. During the pandemic period of Covid 19, Deepak and Cherisha entertain many Nepalese through their music from their official You Tube channel. Their You Tube music show was liked and enjoyed by all of the youth. By seeing the love and support of many Nepalese, they think about bringing the new show in the Nepali TV industry which give the born of TMMS show. The main motto of presenting the TMMS show is to present the two Bajaracharya music in the systematic way through the Television. According to the Cherisha, TMMS is just a journey where they are just trying to spread happiness in anyway, they can.

According to her, they run this platform through the support and encouragement of the Nepalese love. The whole band is with them. As Deepak said, through the collaboration of many artists they are able to run this big show. The show includes many musical instruments which are played by the different related artists. The musical instruments include the Madal, the Guitar, the piano, the Harmonium, the Drum set and many more. This program goes on air through AP1 HD. The show is not only about dance and music but it is also about welcoming the celebrity guest of two different generation and having the conversation with them so that the messages relating to the two different generations can be convey among the peoples.

This show is also about two generations. The program also tries to reflect the connectivity and difference between two generation mindsets. The experiences of the old and new generations are shared through the show. The show also contains the segment named “creativity is immune” so that the hidden creativity of the country cannot get deprived and lost. These means it also provides the platform for new youths.

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