The next Prime Minister should be Rabi Lamichhane: Sobita Gautam

In Prime Times HD Television program “Janata janna Chahancha” program, with well-known personalities from different fields, they discuss their lives, struggles, works, and how much service has been provided to the concerned parties. Today’s episode has a special discussion with Sobita Gautam of the newly formed National Independent Party, leaving the old parties behind.

Sobita said that senior leaders like Deuba, Oli and Prachanda, who are unable to do anything after being elected from the old party and are working against the wishes of the people, should support Rabi Lamichhane. Sovita Gautam, who was elected as a member of the House of Representatives in Kathmandu Region No. 2 on behalf of the National Independent Party, said that she was entrusted with the responsibility after the people won. Thanking the voters on Wednesday afternoon, she said that Kathmandu Region No. 2 has made history again.

Sobita said that the mother has taken her daughter forward by giving her valuable opinion and trusting her to all the people, so she will continue to believe in her. She said, “Yesterday, I had only my family with me when I submitted my candidature. Today, the voters of Kathmandu-2 have also joined my family. Sobita said that since the people of Kathmandu have entrusted me with the responsibility, I will fulfill your dreams. This time, it has made history by selecting the youngest and female candidate,” she said.

He has promised that he will always go ahead to fulfill the dreams and hopes of the voters. Gautam was elected with 15,229 votes. After the distortions started spreading in Nepali politics, a new power was exposed when the common citizens stopped trusting the big parties and started moving towards independence. Sobita Gautam, who became a candidate from the National Independent Party started by Rabi Lamichhane, who has spent a long time in the communication field, is now seen in the polling station where power is buzzing from all sides to win the call bomb.

There is a craze like celebrities in the polling station when the competent young people who are on a different path are seen in Nepali politics. Dhamala has been doing the work of continuously asking people’s questions with people from different fields, debating and finding answers to the questions. Political, economic, physical, social, with people from all walks of life, a program that talks about various issues, the attack of Dhamala has won the hearts of many viewers. Rishi Raj Hamala is the director of the program “Dhamala Ko Hamala” broadcast on Prime Television.

Rishi Dhamala, who has been in the field of communication for a long time and has been raising the problems of the people, has been debating with people from every sector in the program “Dhamala Ko Hamla”. Dhamala, who works continuously from 5 am to 12 pm, has been talking to people from all walks of life in Nepali society. Rishi, who attacks people through various questions, brings out the activities of many people in the Yash program. Dhamala, who has worked in newspapers since the age of 13, now runs live programs on radio and television.

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