The only island in the world where people can’t visit.

Man is a very mysterious creature of this universe who is always eager to know all the things about the world. Sometimes he wants to know about the height of the mountains and sometimes he wants to know about the depth of the sea.

But still we are not aware about many things of this universe. Among them, North Sentinel Island is the one. It is located at bay of bengal in Indian ocean. It is that island where a lot of indigenous are found but still we are unaware about it. 

North Sentinel Island is similar to the other island located in the Indian ocean. This island covers an area of 60 Common citizens along with the tourists are not allowed to visit this island. Provision to visit this island is banned for them. Even the researchers are not allowed to visit this island. And the mysterious thing is that neither this island has dangerous animals nor biting snakes. But it is predicted that there are about 50 to 200 Indienous at this island who are different from us. 

This island is wholly covered by the trees and plants so even the satellite cannot find the mysterious things that are hiding inside the island.The people living inside this island are called Sentinelese. According to the scientists, from long periods people are self-isolated on this island and they don’t know anything about the outer world. According to some researchers, the height of the people living inside this island have normal height, dark complexion and strong muscles. They are famous for hunting and like to eat sea foods and are not involved in agriculture. They use the symbols for the communications and we cannot even understand their language. They cannot tolerate the environment and climate of the outer island and the outer world.

In 1993 they had met the outer people from their community but from 1997 all the communication medium with them had been closed. It is very dangerous for us to visit this island. Because while looking at the past history, those who had visited this island never got alive. So, it has been banned by the Indian Government to visit this island.

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