The police slogan, coined by celebrities, is that no job is too little or too big.

Presenter Tikaram yatri presented Dhaka Mohan Adhakari in today’s Tamasoma jyotirgamaya show. He discussed how people might pursue careers in many fields. He stated that no work is too large or too little, and that we should value every job and perform it without hesitation. He has worked as a social worker and on a radio station.

The government has deployed Myadi Police troops in the field for the security of the local level election on 2079 Baishakh 30.

The Police Headquarters has sent various numbers of Myadi Police officers across seven states and valleys, dependent on the polling station’s sensitivity. For the municipal elections, the government had hired 100,000 Myadi Police officers.

Similarly, Myadi Police have been deployed in the smallest number in three districts of Kathmandu Valley. In the Kathmandu Valley, 4,711 Myadi Police officers have been deployed in the Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur districts. The number of security people has been determined by examining the election’s security sensitivity.

Apart from the Kathmandu Valley, 17,421 personnel have been deployed in 14 districts of State 1, and 12,186 in ten districts of Kathmandu.

In addition, 10,933 Myadi Police officers have been deployed in 11 Gandaki districts, 15,828 in 12 Lumbini districts, 10,753 in 10 Karnali districts, and 10,161 in nine Sudurpashchim districts. For local-level election security, a total of 99,993 Myadi Police officers have been deployed in 77 districts. For a period of 40 days, the term policy will be in effect.

The Myadi Police has received 293,314 applications. According to KC, a police spokeswoman, 99,993 persons were chosen from the applications and trained.

On the 27th Chaitra 2078, the Myadi Police received the appointment letter. Seven days after the municipal elections, police want to deploy them.

There were also 2,548 ex-servicemen who applied for the job. There are 11 ex-women soldiers who have applied. A total of 1,447 persons applied for the term, including 16 former police women and 495 retired armed police officers.

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