The problems of the film industry should be removed, artists and producers should be facilitated: Anup Baral

A special discussion was held with Suraj Singh Thakuri, the director of the program it’s my show broadcast on Kantipur TV HD, Anup Baral, and Diya Maske, who have earned a lot of attention from the artistry sector, on contemporary issues including Nepali artistry, artist’s biography, development and problems of the film industry. is That artist who is continuously struggling in the field of art are there to advance their talent.

Anup Baral and his wife Dia Maske, who has been in the hearts of the audience while struggling in the field of artistry, are successful artists. Although she has worked in many fields including daily life, acting, and directing, Dia Maske, who prefers to call herself an artist, has said that she has made her way to this point after many struggles in her life. Anup said that he is also thinking about theater because he has a lot of love for Nepal and the Nepali art sector.

He said that since artists are the jewel of the nation, their art should be respected and people from all areas should play a special role to protect the artists. She said that there are problems in various areas including the Nepali cinema hall, so they should be improved and taken to a successful path. Anum and Diya said that they were happy to see a crowd of viewers on the second day of the screening of the movie “Prakash”, which was popular not only in Nepal but also in India, to make a movie. Diya has said that Prakash Movie has raised its investment and Sarsak has also got a good response after watching the movie.

When Diya finds love with Anup, she falls in love with Anup. After watching the movie, the mother said that they were happy because the acting of all the actors was very good. Anup said that Nepali movies should not be given credit for Indian movies, whether it is a good or bad movie, it should be given credit. When the Prakash movie was screened on August 10th, there was a large presence of artists and viewers. When the audience said that they would protest if they did not get the Prakash movie in the hall, she said that she was sure that if the movie was good, the audience would also support it.

Since the two films in which Pradeep acted were released in a gap of a few months, it was found that he was much talked about now. Although Pradeep’s movie “Prakash”, which has a different taste in the Nepali film industry, will be screened before, “Premgita 3” is more talked about. Since the members of the production team have to go out, they also have to manage it, so they said that they are going to release the movie soon.
Being an artist who has reached the peak of discussion through Nepali movies and music videos, it is found that he has a separate discussion in the Nepali market, Pradeep, who got a separate discussion through Nepali song music, started getting success with one project after another, his fans were increasing day by day. Every Friday two or three movies are released in Nepal and Nepali movies faced South Hollywood and Bollywood movies. The movie Prakash was released on August 10th. It is said that Yash will appear in the movie Prakash as a different character from his previous movie Prem Geet.

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