The quality of a good teacher, the story of knowledge.

Born in Syangja district, Gyan Bahadur Pandey is a good teacher. He has worked only for others in his life. He is now known as a good teacher.  Gyan Bahadur, who survived for others, could not earn enough to go abroad to earn a living for himself. He is also a good parent who stays at work for others. He has only spent time caring for his children.  They are constantly working actively considering the same. They have spent their time with children from waking up in the morning to going to bed in the evening.

Gyan Bahadur Sarma, born in Mirmire, Syangja District, is not only a good teacher but also a good parent.  To be a teacher. He is not a teacher who has been nominated in the government quota. Teachers who are paid from private resources are also moving forward by teaching lessons to the teachers who have been nominated in the government quota.

Gyan Bahadur, who was studying law in Pikhara, was looking for a job to fulfill his needs when he got a job as a dress manager in a student’s hostel in a school hostel.  Gyan Nahadur, who played a leading role in shaping her future by forming a close relationship, continued to run in the teaching profession.  He says that he has spent it.

He saw a nursery student in the hostel crying with a photo of his parents on the floor below him. He thought it was wrong to keep the children in the hostel at an early age.  During his life working as a school teacher in Kathmandu, Pokhara, he had gained a lot of experience in his genitals.

Knowledge of traveling abroad for some time thinking of earning money reached infinite queues. Children’s knowledge of spending time with family seemed more suitable to children than spending money.  He decided to send his children to government schools after seeing people teaching their children in private schools, keeping people away from government schools.  He brought private students to government schools. He started making many changes in the school and made the students civilized citizens.

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