The reality is this, Lama’s statement Miruna Magar Kanda

A sensational revelation has been made about actress Miruna Magar, who was accused of being abused by a Buddhist monk outside the movie hall. Although the monks were arrested after the incident and released after apologizing for the incident, the reality is different.

Sensational video of the arrested monk has been made public. In which he said that he was innocent and that the heroine had agreed to save his career by persuading him.

“The heroine cried in front of me,” he said. The monk said that he was ready to bow down as the heroine was in a state of insecurity from the public.

Miruna Magar, the heroine of the movie Kabaddi Kabaddi 4, had slapped herself at the Civil Mall saying that she was wrongly touched by a monk. However, the incident was disputed when no evidence was found that the monk had touched her in the wrong way.

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