The result of SEE exam will be released on 10th Shrawan

The National Examination Board has prepared to announce the results of this year’s Secondary Education Examination (SEE) within Shrawan १०. Chairman of the board, Dr. Mahashram Sharma, informed that necessary work is being done rapidly to publish the result of SEE examination. He said that he is strictly monitoring the process of entering the details of the students so that there is no technical problem in the results.

President Dr. Sharma said, “In the past, after the results were announced, there was a crowd of people coming to correct the date of birth, sometimes the marks, and sometimes what was wrong. Keeping that in mind, the results should be delayed for a few days, but as soon as the results are announced, the students would not have to rush to correct various details.” This time, the details are being processed a bit more strictly.” He said that after collecting all the details and rechecking for the last time, he is preparing to announce the results at the beginning of next week. He said that due to the local level elections, the results were pushed for a few days.

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