the RPP will boycott the state government that made the country poor in the elections

As they will take their steps according to the wishes of the people, as per the wishes of the country and the people, the RPP has also boycotted the provincial government which the people do not want and announced to give a candidate for the central government. He said that even though Nepal and the people of Nepal are suffering from calamity, since the government has not taken any steps for the people, because it has brought a negative feeling in the society, the work of making the country poor should be stopped immediately and steps should be taken to build the country.

He said that the development of the country will not be achieved if the people are made to suffer by raising taxes and the leaders feed themselves and their people. He said that they are expanding the organization and are working continuously for the election of the union. Sahi said that the independent party and people will not lose their votes, they are on the path of progress day by day.

He believed that in order to reduce corruption in Nepal, any action should be started by providing services to the common citizens. RA PR PA changed its leadership after 16 years, after falling into the hands of the youth, now people across the country have started going to RA PR PA. The three leaders who are in discussion in RPP, President Rajendra Lingden, Gyanendra Sahi, and Rekha Thapa, when they participate in the Ghar Dailo program in the local elections, it seems that the crowd of people who support them cannot be stopped.

After the National Democratic Party elected a new leader and became popular among the people, new people who were preferred by the people started joining the National Democratic Party. After the election of the new leadership in the party, Lingden, who has destroyed the wrong actions of the leaders who have been ruling for many years, has taken the rights and interests of Nepal and Nepali people and freed the people from suffering to a certain extent and taken them to a new path for development, is now becoming popular among the people.

He said that RA PR PA is a party that will not hand over office to anyone more than once or twice, and will do whatever it has to do to show it from the beginning. He is of the opinion that the tendency to beg should be stopped. Addressing the General Assembly, he said that since he is a man who rose from the ground, if we want to build, protect and preserve this country today, it is necessary for the Nepalese people to take the side of the people who have broken ties with the Nepali Congress, Maoists, and UML, and who have been raising their voices in the cause of nationalism and nationalism.


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