The scandal of the post, the great hero scandal flared up again- Rjatpat

In Nepal, there is a big difference in the distribution of medals. When medals are distributed in any field, there is no difference. The medal is given to the Royal Hero who has done an excellent job.  Medals are being rejected.  The medals distributed on the day of the Constitution Day have caused a stir in the Nepali market.

Nepali Film Development Board Chairman Dayaram Dahal and filmmaker, distributor, hall owner Chhabiraj Ojha have had a special talk with Prakash Subedi on Rajatpat about the film.  The number of Kovid patients in the district is zero. The movie hall is sure to open in Dasai. The producers say that it will be opened in Dasai.  We had to come with a good package. We had to have time to produce the film, only then the film is produced.

There are movie halls in 31 districts across the country. According to Chairman Dahal, movie halls in 18 districts have been confirmed to be opened. Some CDs have been opened.  Ojha said that the movie halls have been closed for so long. The development board had to bring a good package from the Ministry of Communications wherever it is.  Explain that you can’t open up in practice.

One scandal after another is happening in Nepal. Another scandal is coming in the Nepali market. One scandal after another has come. In one program, actors Shiva Shrestha and Bhuvan Keshi called Gauri Malla as the great heroine.  Gauri Malla was not surprised when she was addressed as the heroine. She was waving her hand and gesturing to the hairdresser.

In Nepal, the culture of persecuting each other and making it viral for two or three days has become its culture. Even the smallest thing should be read in hand.  Those who work are always hungry and those who are not working will not leave without receiving the Janasewa Shri Padak award. The award should be given to the real people’s hero who has done the best work for the people.  The people have stopped.

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