The secret of buddhahood. budhist philosophy.Dr. yogi vikashanand

Anyone wants to reach their best place, but without seeing the true positive path, they are running on a different path, which has led their life in a different direction. Dr. Yogi Vikashanand says that people are all about how knowledge comes to be, but they are reluctant to work for the knowledge they need. There are different types of knowledge in human life, but people are choosing a different path by ignoring all of them. People choose different ways to walk, which is why they are upset.

Long ago, when a child woke up after seeing a T-punk Buddha, he thought of making himself a T-punk Buddha. He was confused about where to go and where to become. Later, when he met T. Pankar Buddha, he expressed his desire to become like you. One day T-Pankar Buddha was going to a river in Pallo village. When T-Pankar Buddha came to that river, the man slept in the river. Had passed When a person has the ability to learn something new, he is constantly searching for knowledge.

According to Dr. Yohi, Gautama Buddha was born in Lumbini 500 years before his birth. People tend to be quick to achieve anything quickly, but they are less likely to develop the habit of working hard. When a person practices for a long time, he is always happy. People have told me that I have to decide how far I should go in the future by looking at the past. When a person throws some settlement in front of him, he falls close to it. “People have to think far behind in order to achieve anything,” he said.

People don’t have to think in order to do good deeds, they get a chance to learn something even when the work is bad, but if the bad work is successful, the person suffers a lot. There are many kinds of suffering struggles coming in the life of a human being, due to which human beings suffer a lot. He said that human beings should never fall behind in good mangoes. Barrage people have a taste in everything, it doesn’t happen with anything close. The Buddha sat on seven different poplar trees without even cleaning for seven weeks. Unless man gives up everything and takes the initiative for knowledge, he will not learn good teachings. He said that in order for a person to be successful, he has to seek good education, which he has to get out of himself. Man is always looking for many things for happiness, but he is not getting success. Man’s life is full of happiness, no matter how much he is happy, he does not seem to be satisfied with happiness.

There are various kinds of pain and suffering problems in human life, due to which he can never be happy. A person who is always wandering for happiness does not get the happiness he wants. Most people are unhappy with doing nothing, but some people are unhappy with doing too much, so people have to spend their time in the right place. In some cases, people do not even know where to spend their time. The life of a human being is very confusing, the life of a human being becomes miserable even after using the necessary power and means. The human tongue tends to be an important part of what human beings become. It is not difficult to decide what will not happen. By putting their footsteps in the right place for human beings, they are striving to acquire better knowledge.

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