The secret to a healthy Japanese life

The secret to a healthy Japanese life
The Japanese island of Okinawa is a world-famous island. The only thing that makes this island
famous is that the people here live the longest life in the world. Along with long life, they are
also healthy. The people here are living their lives by working daily even after a hundred years.

Generally, in our society, people who are unable to work after the age of 60 are found to be
suffering from the disease. But the people of Okinawa have been working for hundreds of years.
This can be a surprise to everyone. Can a person be healthy even after a hundred years? Similar
questions may arise. But the people of Okinawa are living happily ever after. His diary is like
that of an ordinary man. Earnings are a constant source of income. This has been going on in
Okinawa for a long time. But this reality was only discovered much later. About 60 citizens of
other countries call themselves the sun on the mountain. But the citizens here are very healthy
and energetic even after 100 years. How was this possible? This is the question that arises in
everyone’s mind. If you look for these things, science seems to be connected with the lives of the
people of Okinawa.

Let’s add a story in this context, a woman from Okinawa fell into a coma. In a coma, she had a
dream. In the dream she saw a dream, in a dream she was dead and she was taken to heaven.
Bright, beautiful place where she met her ancestors. Who are you, daughter? In response, she
said her name. Her ancestor asked again, “Who are you, not your name?” She said again, O my
ancestor, I am a teacher. Her ancestor said again, “I did not ask about your work, but about who
you are.” He is very surprised. On earth, my name was more than just this, but here the name and
the work are not working. I don’t know myself. He kept saying all his levels, classes, work, caste,
country one after the other but nothing came of it. Finally, she said that she was a single mother
and had been caring for her family. In the end, her ancestors told her that was her identity. This
means that what he is doing now is his reality. Eventually, she came out of a coma and began to
think about how I could keep myself healthy and how I could live a long life.

She discovered that my life is my message. The Japanese eat very healthy food. Second, they
exercise daily. They also help others. They save 10 percent of their earnings for others.
Similarly, those living in a group stay in a link with each other. In this way, the Japanese are
living a healthy life for a hundred years.

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