The single most powerful thing in the world

Dr. Bikashananda Yogi says that love is one of the best elements that connects the world. Human civilization has ended love.  The end comes and the rules have to be obeyed. Once the rules are followed, human beings cannot live independently. They live in anxiety.  One is the best. Power is the strongest.


Dr. Yogi says that when a person is in love, he is happy, sensitive, honest, strong, powerful, intelligent. Even when he breathes, the smell of love begins to come.  Power is full. In the world when people are in love.  At that time, he never dies without slander. He tries to live in any situation for love. He is cured in any disease. He is in the most powerful love.  There is nothing bigger than Power Full.
There is nothing more powerful than love discovered from ten years of spiritual practice. For man, power is God. To meet God is only love. So ask the man who is in love.  What is the bond between caste, creed, caste, rich, poor, small and big, good and bad? All come out of bondage and fall in love.  If you want to live a happy and contented life, learn to love unselfishly. Love gives life and shows the way to live. It rains happiness.

When a man in love is bound by marriage, it only becomes a gossip. When a man is married, he is covered in love. Then he is bound by family social rules. He has to give birth to children, he has to follow social norms.  The law is unholy in the face of love. Everything in the law must be obeyed, such as caste, gender, rich and poor, big and small.
God and nature gave us the universe. But we cut it into pieces like a birthday cake and needed a passport visa to travel from one country to another.  The money spent on development has been spent on nurturing security personnel. Things that have been cut short are never sacred.  It causes stress.

We are caught in a vicious circle when we believe in the creation of man by considering nature as sacred. Therefore, we become greedy, greedy, jealous. The talk of nationalism burns us.  Love for each other, harmony, humanity grew. The whole world was one. How much fun it was to have fun all in one bag.  Always smile and live happily ever after. Life is love. Never work under pressure.

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