The story of a beautiful brother who drives a rickshaw in 15 years

No profession is small or big, there is no shame in working and eating. You should never shy away from doing what you can. Similarly, 15-year-old Sundar Pariyar is living his life with grief. They drive beautiful rickshaws from Dhading.

He enjoys reading and playing. He wakes up early in the morning and goes to sleep. There is a sick father and younger brother Baini at home. Sundar has been forced to look for a job due to poor financial condition.

My father can’t work because he is sick. On top of that, when the festival comes, the burden of pain comes. He came to Kathmandu three months ago and drives a rickshaw all day long. His daily wage is 300 hundred.

Sahu has to give 100 days. Some people don’t climb because they can’t see the little ones, while some people don’t even pay for the little ones. As the great Chad Dashain is approaching, Brother Baini wants to buy new clothes and Dad wants to buy medicine. In Nepal, there is a situation of forced labor even though child labor is not allowed.

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