The story of Bijay Kumar Rai, a 28-year-old who left Japan and started goat farming

The number of young people who use their skills in Nepal to learn something by working abroad has been increasing in recent times.  In the early days, he invested a lot of money from Nepal and worked with a lot of joys and sorrows. When he understands his hard work, then he also gets a kind of new power.  People who are fighting with different dreams in the second country return to Nepal with the dream of doing something in their own country forever.

After living abroad for a long time, Bijay Kumar said that he should give time to his family and do something in Nepal as well. He considered goat rearing as the least hard working and highest earning area.  In order to get knowledge about goat rearing from people, he also learned to wash goat foam from many people. After gaining experience of many things, he started goat rearing with a small investment.  Many have now amassed wealth. Bijay, who felt the need to do something new with his family, is now succeeding in his journey.

Bijay, who started earning up to Rs 200,000 in Japan, saw the potential in Nepal and spent his energy in Nepal.  Bijay, who started rearing goats by renting land in the city, is now aiming to make 15-16 goats a year. His target is to make 200 goats. He has now sold 17 goats and bought one goat. He plans to sell 50 goats in a financial year.  He said that if organic meat could be produced in Nepal while importing meat from India, there would be a vision of health and economic prosperity of Nepal.

Bijaya Rai, 28, is now thinking that he can earn some money in Nepal as well as abroad. Money is not the only thing that matters in a person’s life.  People have to play different kinds of struggles in their lives. They have to make good use of all the materials they need. They have proved that there are many employment opportunities in Nepal if people want. Before doing any work, it is important to know well  But there are a lot of people who are drowning even when there is no one who can give a good suggestion to the people.

A country like Japan where people are struggling to get to. Japan is known as the dream country of thousands of people. People go to Japan and decorate many dreams.  You do not have to go abroad to earn money. You can get a lot of employment opportunities in your own country. People work hard in a foreign country.  The dream city where many people have started their lives. Bijay says that if people make good use of the skills and time they have learned abroad, they can earn as much money in a few months.

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