The story of Indira’s struggle, growing up in a landlord family

Indira Joshi was born and brought up in a landlord’s family in Parasi Bazar of Nawalparasi, she said that whenever she is in the village, she takes part in all the events that take place there, so she enjoys it a lot. She has said that she has changed a lot since she was not able to dance and sing like the daughters of a big house, she got up from the place of what will happen to the respect, and reached the present environment. She has said that a friend met her with her husband and he maintained an unexpected relationship.

He said that he was not thinking of getting married from the beginning, because he planned to get married in 15 days, he could not invite all his friends and family members. Famous singer, model, composer Indreni Joshi’s song named “Pacheuri” has come in the market, the said song is performed by Nirajan Paudel. In the life of a woman, it is necessary to run away in winter, to work in marriage, to hide when it rains, to cover up when one is ashamed.

On June 29, the mehendi program was completed between two families, some pictures of the same program have also become public. Joshi’s lover is a fashion designer, even though the couple had planned to get engaged before the Corona epidemic, the event was pushed back after the outbreak of the Corona epidemic at that time. Only last year, this couple reached the summit of Everest and got engaged.

The couple reached there by helicopter, Sarad put a wedding ring on Indira and proposed marriage. Indira had informed through social media that she had accepted his proposal. She published the photos on social media saying that she took a selfie before the corona epidemic. yes

Sharing a photo of Tara and June wearing a ring on social media, Indira Joshi wrote: He said you are my Tara and I am your June. After becoming the judge of Nepal Idol, Indira Joshi became very popular. Before this, Indira, who was famous as Sakira, has recently released a song called Beg Haane. Joshi’s famous songs like Chaubandhi Choli, Udreko Choli, Tea Coffee, Bride on Motorcycle have reached the top of the discussion.

Indira Joshi, who is famous as a singer and model, was born on July 28, 1990 in the market of Nawalparasi. Her father is Jahanbir Prasad Joshi and her mother is Alkhanand Joshi. Joshi, who had a desire to sing well from an early age, used to sing bhajans first, but her grandmother helped her. She started her education from an English boarding school in Nawalparasi. She sang on the stage for the first time when she was studying in the nursery, and while studying in the same school till the fifth grade, Indira sang in all the programs of the school. While studying at school, she also participated in the district level folk song competition and received an award.

While she was studying at Sayapatri School, she came to Kathmandu to participate in a children’s program organized by N Tv, she came first in that program. After completing her SLC from Sayapatri Higher Secondary School, she came to Kathmandu to study. Indira Josi, who came to Kathmandu and enrolled in People Campus, then learned music from Dorami Pathsala. She recorded her first song Santi Sandesh in 2006, Rato Ghagra song established her in the Nepali music scene.

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