The story of Osho

As soon as Osho is mentioned, many people think of meditation and penance. Because
meditation is an integral part of the lives of those who follow Osho. From which people have
oriented themselves towards positive thinking. This is one of the reasons why many people read
Osho’s book. Who exactly was Osho? Today we are going to give information about these great
men Osho.

Osho’s real name is Rajnish Chandramohan. He was born on December 11, 1931 in Madhya
Pradesh, India. He used to talk openly about sexual life saying that he can reach Samadhi
through intercourse. Impressed by his mantra, many people started following him. His actions
frightened the US government. He was then arrested and taken to a US prison, where he was
poisoned to death. People have even written books by listening to his voice and his books have
been published in more than 31 languages ​​around the world. In addition, more than 600 books
have been published in his name. He is also known as a sex guru.

Since 1989, he has been called Osho by 10,000 monks at the Osho Commune International
Assembly Hall. Osho means ocean. People have come to know him through these books. From
an early age, Osho was an independent, fearless and fearless person. He thought it was normal to
swim from a height of 200 feet in the rainy season. From an early age, he used to expose the
superstitions of village priests. Because of his behavior, many in the village used to call him bad.
At the age of 21, he had acquired Sambodhi knowledge. Despite receiving the address, he
continued his studies. In 1975, he won a gold medal in MA. He taught on the campus where he
studied for 9 years. At that time, he had started giving lectures in different cities of India.
Everyone who listened to his discourse was enchanted. He began to value the birth of new
people through discourse. Osho’s new man is called Jorva the Buddha. Zorwa who live happily
in his material life. The same person can meditate like Gautama Buddha. He walked in the birth
of such a man. Osho’s discourse became influential for Westerners who were fed up with the
lewd lifestyle. So thousands of people started following him. Osho’s mantra of promoting
spirituality along with material comforts is very popular among the westerners.

Osho, who arrived in the United States for treatment, had already built a city in his name. He was
jailed by the US government for his popularity and was poisoned to death after five years in prison.

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