The story of Ramila, who fell from the top of the tower and survived

6 years ago, During the month of Baishak 12, a huge destruction was taken place in Nepal which is still considered as a black day of Nepal in the history of Nepal. At that day many people lives had been lost, many got injured and many infrastructures and buildings had been damaged.

The earthquake struck Nepal on April 25, 2015 with a magnitude of 7.8 rector scale. It occurred at 11:56 NST. It had largely affected the Kathmandu valley at that period, by destroying multi-story buildings, and also creating the landslides & avalanches at the part of Himalayan mountains. During that earthquake, nearly about 9000 people died & around 22,000 people get suffered. It was the deadliest earthquake after 81 years in Nepal. It was followed by 100 of aftershocks and only after 17 days a major quake took place.

Many people had been suffered from extreme poverty during that period. More than 600,000 houses were destroyed. More than 288,000 were damaged. It had strongest impact in remote rural places. Reconstruction of the schools, health clinics, houses, durbars, gumbas, temples, mahals, museums are still on the way. According to the report, 87% of the reconstruction process has been completed till the date and remaining are still on construction the earthquake had come by making the Gorkha district, place name Barpak as an epicenter.

Though many people had left their lives during that period, some are lucky enough to get rescue and be safe during that quake. Among the many lucky ones, Ramila come in the top. Ramila Shreshta was at the top of the Dharahara which was located at Kathmandu when the quake took place. She fell down from their and got injured deeply but was lucky enough to get a new life again. She said that she still gets frightened while looking back to that black day which had occurred in her life six years back.

She said that she had no hope to get new life again but with a god grace we is alive today. Today she gets respect from our prime minister KP Sharma Oli, as being as lucky person to get alive even of that big trauma that has occurred in her life. KP Oli called her in a stage and gave a promise to provide job opportunity to her in a future day. This promise makes Ramila so happy and she gave big thanks to our Prime Minister Oli for this support.

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