The story of the dwarf..Herne katha Ep77

Bauwala, who has been working in the field of journalism for a long time, is known for her tailoring career in a series of 77 series of short stories, directed by Bidya Chepagain. Chepagai, who used to be a co-passenger of the sufferings of the common people, used to visit the villages and settle down and rejoice in the sufferings of the people.

People used to call the work small or big, numbering it, before it was found to be a matter of contempt for tailors, but now that many people know the importance of sewing, it is found that they are engaged in this profession. Bauwa has an old family friend, he is not a human race, all people are the same so we have no discrimination. Their friendship is so great, they don’t even do the accounting. During the festival in Birgunj, the dwarfs sometimes go to the jail and sometimes reach the house of the sad victim and feed them. A very close-knit dwarf has become everyone’s favorite character.

A team of storytelling people from the town, town bazaar, newcomers to the days of suffering, laughter, joys and struggles. In the story.
Why Herne Katha?
people behind herne katha spent 15years of their lives doing journalism, one day they realized the need to tell more beautiful and inspiring stories of people the real people

herne katha team
herne katha is a web series produ by tana bana digital in nepal.we tell stories of people in the format of short episode of herne katha is publication on every alternate tuesdays (15days) on youtube .you can also watch herne katha on kantipur television every tuesday 6:30 pm
script / direction – Kamal Kumar, presenter – Bidhya Chapagain, cinematographer – Jeevan Rijal, video editor – Sandesh Pariyar, producer – Enuma Rai

share your story -if you have a story that is suitable for herne katha, please do not hesitate to contact us.for singers and musicians -if you are an emerging artist or musicians, we need you.we went to feature your creation in our episodes and support you to get noticed by thousands our audience.

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