The story of the vulture that is disappearing in Nepal, the help provided by Giddha Restaurant. Herne katha

Bidya Chepagain, who has been working in the field of journalism for a long time and is known to many people, has presented the story of a bird, not a story of human life, in the 80 series of stories. The life of any creature in the world is just as important in its place, even though Kathmandu is called the city of vultures in the movie, in fact it is difficult to see vultures in Kathmandu, the number of vultures in Nepal has been gradually decreasing in recent times.

Once upon a time, a vulture that had been seen roaming in the foothills of the Himalayas had disappeared. Lately, people have been opening restaurants to save the vultures. The vultures bring old and infirm cows to the restaurant and release them. In different places including Pokhara and Sunsari, vultures are still rejoicing. Bird Himant Dhakal had informed about the birds. He says that vultures know what to do. He said that although there were many vultures in Nepal before, now they are declining and 9 species of vultures are found in Nepal.

A team of storytelling people from the town, town, newcomer to the story of suffering, laughter, happiness and days of struggle. In the story.
Why Herne Katha?
people behind herne katha spent 15years of their lives doing journalism, one day they realized the need to tell more beautiful and inspiring stories of people the real people

herne katha team
herne katha is a web series produ by tana bana digital in nepal.we tell stories of people in the format of short episode of herne katha is publication on every alternate tuesdays (15days) on youtube .you can also watch herne katha on kantipur television every tuesday 6:30 pm
script / direction – Kamal Kumar, presenter – Bidhya Chapagain, cinematographer – Jeevan Rijal, video editor – Sandesh Pariyar, producer – Enuma Rai

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