The story of Yamabuddha in the meeting between Balen and Mastala

In last Baisakh’s local level election, he met KSB established as a rival in his election ground and debated on various issues. At the time of the election, he said that his competition would not be Balen Sah, and Balen Sah Fatah was an international fraud. Chabahil said that when he went out to monitor the Buddhist road section, he had a sudden meeting with the establishment, and the establishment suggested that the area should be developed.

It is said that during the time of meditation and exercise, Balen’s team came to his house. Balen said that he was only going to build a park after the suggestion of the founder. Balen of the meeting asked for ideas from the establishment for the squatters of Kathmandu, he also asked for ideas about how to manage the footpath. He said that even when he met with Congress leader Sarjan Singh, Shah would continue to fulfill the promises made by the Congress.

After getting the mayor’s ticket, when his expression started to be divided, when he was accused of sexual misconduct, he was in discussion from all sides. He thanked him for taking care of the elderly. Kesab Mastala, who became a candidate for the mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City from CPN-UML, is now very popular, he has called Balen Shah, an independent candidate for the mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, rapper, engineer Balen Shah, who is very popular in the social network, as an international swindler. The established ones have said that Balen does not have that much confidence so that he cannot talk to each other. Kesab, who says that many citizens have benefited from the development he has done, says that the work of others is bad, and when he comments badly on others, he becomes divided.

Balen, who has been interested in politics for 10 years, is also interested in astrology, he also portrayed a social worker during the earthquake, Balen Shah, who has traveled to 75 districts in the course of his work, is also a writer, so he has become known among the youth. Black pilots, ordinary citizens, students, children and even the elderly stood with him. After the election commission gave Balen Shah the stick election symbol, he has requested Balen to beat corruption and to become the charioteer of the elderly by voting on the stick symbol and win with an overwhelming majority.

He said that in order to get tickets from the party, people who have thrown stones in the party, who have fought various battles, are looking for people who only look after themselves after winning, so in the future, independent candidates are needed for the development of the country. He said that if they want to create development, the face of the country will change here in 6 months, then Prachanda, Oli and Deuba have never thought about the country’s development. Balen Sah has entered the field for the post of mayor with a party of youth, he said that he went to the election process to change the politics and to break the syndicate that only the old people should be voted for.

He said that since our country has good prospects in all fields including agriculture and tourism, if we can make good use of the opportunities here, Nepalis should stay away from the compulsion to go abroad. Balen said that in order to change the Nepali society, it is necessary for the youth to take the leadership, she said that the youth should show their power in the change of the society. In the situation where the old society and culture are about to change, people are robbing others for their own happiness, even if the society calls me crazy, I have my own rhythm, I am happy in my world, many people have forgotten the social culture and walked in their own world, so that in the life of people, their own He said that the situation of abuse of freedom should be changed.

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