The strange love relationship between man and deer!

Love There are no words to describe love, love can be with anyone as long as it is. A man’s mouth can touch his heart anytime and anywhere. After Sunmaya Singh found a deer in the forest in Bhukundebesi, he brought it home and kept it. While the tiger was chasing the deer in the forest, when the deer ran away after giving birth to the child, she brought the deer home while the child was wandering alone in the forest.

Soon after bringing it home, after feeding it with some milk, Sunmaya tells that it woke up in a few moments. She said that after slowly rearing her, now she eats melons, apples, fruits, bananas, grass, and milk. She started loving wild animals from a young age, and she loves them more than humans. She said that Sunmaya, who loves deer more than her children, goes with her wherever she goes.

She said that now the goats come to play with the shepherds, even when they go outside to cut grass, they go and play together. Sumaili said that when she goes to play in the forest, another deer also comes, even though she goes to the forest in the evening, it comes to her house. She said that even when they go to the forest, they stay together and sleep like their sons who do not allow them to cut the grass. Sumaili, who was born in a long family that does not eat fish and meat, Sunmaya tells Sunmaya that you are the fifth child to get a deer that you love so much at a time when many people do not eat.

She has said that even if Sunmaya, who is a farmer, gives her millions of money, she will not give it to the deer. Sumaili said that the deer is the form of God, and named it Dhandhup. She has said that now she gets worried even if she gets lost for a while or goes around. She said that because Dhundhup was left open, even if she went out sometimes, even if she went out overnight, she would reach home before she got up in the morning. She said that she put a ribbon around his neck so that people wouldn’t call him an animal living in the forest.

According to the rules of the government of Nepal, deer cannot be kept at home, even though they are not allowed to be killed. She said that since she loves deer more than her children, even if she is away even once, she wonders where she has gone. Sunmaya said that when people are close to any animal, they love it more than pets.

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