The strangest woman in the world who hasn’t talked to anyone for 20 years

If we are told not to talk to anyone for a few days, can we stay? No, we can’t. Some days we can’t even talk for a few hours. Because we human beings are social beings. We enjoy living with family. Our world is a society with family, friends and relatives. If so, would you believe if someone told you that you haven’t talked to anyone for years? Today we are going to discuss such an incident. A woman who had not spoken to anyone for 20 years.

A woman used to live in front of Lucy Yassent’s house in London. An elderly woman who lived alone at home. Neither Lucy nor any of his relatives came to see him. Lucy repeatedly tried to talk to the woman. But if she refused to talk to Lucy, she would talk to him. Lucy and other neighbors speculated that the woman had a mental illness. But Lucy was curious about the woman. The woman used to go out one day a week just to get the necessary food and supplies. Even when she went out, she did not talk to anyone.

One day, Lucy’s daughter asked who the old lady was in the apartment in front of her house. Lucy herself was trying to find out about the woman. Lucy wrote the status on social media saying that she wanted to know about the woman living in front of her house but she would not speak. One day Lucy tried to break into the woman’s house. The woman also let Lucy come home. Maybe he needed some help. But when Lucy entered the house, she saw a painful scene. The woman’s clothes were all dirty, and she had not bathed for 13 years. She had stopped taking a shower after her bathroom faucet broke down.

The walls of the house were all cracked and the ground was muddy. She slept on a dirty mattress on the floor. There was no food in his house. The condition of the house made it uninhabitable. Lucy and her daughter decided to clean up the house, and she wrote on social media asking for help. In one day, 80 percent of the goods came from different places. The woman finally started talking to her neighbor Lucy. Lucy’s daughter also began to spend time with the old woman. After a while, the woman opened up about herself. She lived with her husband and daughter. But her daughter died in an accident when she was 10 years old, and she lost her husband a year later. Due to this pain, she had a deep wound in her brain due to which she could not speak to anyone.

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