The third wave bell in Nepal, Kathmandu Hotspot.

In the last few days, the number of Korana infected patients in Nepal has been increasing at a high rate. As the number of Korana infected patients has been increasing exponentially in recent times, there has been a tightening of health care materials in Kathmandu.  People became more and more infected due to negligence on the part of the common people. Now, with more than 2400 corneas appearing on a daily basis, people are becoming more alert.  The situation is getting worse. As the number of patients has increased, the border checkpoints have been tightened with security measures everywhere.

A total of 14033 cases of coronavirus infection were confirmed in 1981 by PCR method and 463 cases by Antigen method. At the same time, the number of infected people has reached 9522 nationwide.  The fear that the general public will return to their old condition has increased since the beginning of the year. As the causes of Korana have increased, the fear of people having difficulty in carrying out their daily routine has increased.  Although the death toll is now low, the infection rate has risen sharply.

As many as 11,607 people have lost their lives due to coronavirus infection in Nepal so far.  The Kathmandu Valley has become a hot spot of Korana. As people from all over the country come and go through Kathmandu, the valley is even more at risk.  Looking at the statistics from all over the country, it has been found that the infection rate in Kathmandu is high.

According to the 24-hour data, 1,886 people in the Kathmandu Valley have contracted the virus. In Kathmandu alone, 981 people have been infected with the virus.  The meeting of the three district magistrates held on Tuesday passed such a decision till further notice.  In the case of pre-scheduled semester and final exams, it has been decided to conduct Z-shaped exams using social security materials.

District Health Offices, in coordination with local bodies, have decided to vaccinate children between the ages of 1212 and 17 years against covid.  It has also requested that no more than a limited number of seats should be provided for vehicles. Maximum sanitizer should be provided at the door.  As high omega-3 infections have been reported in India, coronavirus infections are on the rise among people coming to Nepal from India.

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