The title of Mahapurush to Pradip

At a time when the film industry is going down, Kabaddi Char has started getting good market after good market. Movies like Prem Geet and Mahapurus have drawn the audience to the theaters. Many viewers have given the movie Mahapuras the number of Mahachalachitra. Mahapurus movie has included the story of a single man, single women have also attracted them.

The movie Mahapurus is not only running in Nepal but also abroad. Mahapurus has said that more than 7 crores of money has been received so far while being discussed in the country and abroad. Producer director Pradeep Bhattarai has said that he is very happy to receive the love and blessings of many people, not money. Even though the leaders have failed the people many times in the representative and provincial assembly elections to be held on November 4, this time they have requested the leaders and workers to do the work to build the country.

Although Rajatapat, a program that informs about the distortions in the field of movies and music videos and encourages good things, was closed for some time after it reached 90 episodes, after some time, Prakash Subedhi combined the three programs that he runs and started Prakash Subedhi himself. Now, after modifying some glimpses of the silver screen program, they have brought it back into operation in the same old style.Rajatapat has played a major role in eliminating the distortions and inconsistencies in the field of Nepali cinema and art.

Ap 1 television broadcasts every Thursday after 8 pm, you can watch Rajatpat online tv at any time you like. Rajatpat has been supporting the good things done in the Sangam and artistry field of Baja Geet Nach for a long time. Prakash Subedhi, a well-known journalist who has been doing journalism in the field of movies and music videos since then, is directing. Subedhi, who has received a lot of love from the audience in a short time, is in the limelight one episode after another.

In the field of cinema, they talk about the works done in the past from the present time. Humans have advanced their field by struggling a lot in life, people are in the wrong hands about what to get respect and insult from one another, which changes people in life, media is also needed for any work for people.Now people are trying to make their journeys successful in their own way, which will bring many benefits to mankind.

Bagina is a program produced by Phurba Sherpan and asst producer by Rachana Gautama. Its script is prepared by Kushum Bhattarai. Prakash Subedi, the presenter of the program, has worked to bring out the activities within the Kalakarita area in the program. Some Kalakars stand in favor of Prakash Saput, while others dislike him. He said that Bagina means the union of song and dance, which will talk about these areas.

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