The two-day resignation of the minister to protect the post of Chief Justice

The two-day resignation of the minister to protect the post of Chief Justice, Jabara’s resignation was demanded, barring him from entering the court. Lately, the government of the common people has lost the trust of the government and the judiciary. The people are suffering because of the bad behavior of the leaders of Nepal who can’t even eat.

The problems of the common people are the same as before. The general public is interested in how to address it. Where to go to seek justice, how to solve problems, how to trust the judiciary.
IsThe government was formed under the leadership of Ser Bahadur Deuba, President of the Opposition Nepali Congress, after the fall of the BJP-led coalition government. There was a controversy over the recommendation of Chief Justice Cholendra Samser Rana to two ministers during the expansion of the cabinet.

Though there are 61 MPs in the Nepali Congress, the person recommended by Cholendra Samser Rana has caused controversy in the cabinet. Even people who have not received justice have started to have subconscious sub-sections on how to get justice after the court has started functioning in the same setting.

According to the law, the chief justice of the court has demanded the resignation of the judge in such a setting. He stressed that the judge should be barred from entering the court until something new is proved. He said that there was no doubt about it. He claimed that Cholendra Samser Rana had no hand in the Congress.

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