The Voice Kids – 2021 – Episode 06

The Voice of Nepal was established with the aim of uplifting and inspiring the young PDs in the Nepali music field in Nepal. Later, The Voice Kids was established for the development of children’s physical ability.  The voice kids have started. For the first time ever to inspire children in the music industry, it will play an important role in shaping the musical future of many children. Children are the property of the nation.  Music has become the first medium to introduce children’s melodic songs to the world through music. From where children will learn a lot. Children’s singing skills will be improved.
Launched for the first time in Nepal, The Voice Kids has inspired many children in the field of music. The program will be conducted by famous people who have gained a lot of experience in the country and abroad.  It will be an important place for learning. Nepali language will be used in the program. It will also play an important role for the children who want to spend their future in the field of music. Famous Nepali artists will participate in the program.The program, which is being conducted for the first time in Nepal, will be conducted by Voice of Nepal. The coaches of the program will be the famous artists of Nepal.  Prabisha, the beautiful popular singer, will be reunited. In the program, various artists will be seen singing songs, composers. For the first time in Nepal, we will not only entertain but also learn a lot. Nepali cold music in the country and abroad.  It will also be a fun bag for the citizens who like it. It will be a good plate foam for the children who like music.
It will be a new medium of learning for children with a sweet voice who want to build a future in their field of music. It is a great thing for children and those who are starting their journey in the field of music in Nepal to come up with a new dimension when there is no basis.  The sweet melodies of children who are free. Playing an important role in the bright future of children, this journey has become an example for those who are interested in music. Music is a bright medium to entertain people in any situation.  Forgetting the pain cost gives a new nature.
A good field for people who are interested in music and a means of entertainment for those who enjoy music. It has become a number one place. It has become a bag of entertainment and learning.  It is a great platform for those who enjoy music. It will give a good plate foam to the hidden talents in children. It will be a great platform for music. It will create a future for thousands of children and many will be entertained.  A successful talent will be promoted by identifying the sweet melodies of children. People will also remind the singers who have spent their lives in the field of music of their childhood.
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