The Voice Kids – Semi Final- Epi 18

On the fourth day of the live self of The Voice of Kids Season 1, coaches Pramod Kharel and Pramisa made 12 presentations with 6-6 of them, out of which only 8 will go ahead. The presentation given by the children was very enjoyable.  From Aju, Soyasiya Acharya, Pema, Susami, Janice Upreti, Darsan, Ruksana Lumbu, Simran Ale, Anuja and eight other great talents will come forward.  Improving the voice of young children up to this point means that their future is bright. One of the biggest things is for a child to perform in front of a large audience. In another presentation, 16 talents can be seen. The selection will be based on votes.  On the second day of Saturday’s live show, Dixit Tamang has been named the lifeboy performer of the day.

In Friday’s presentation on the live self of The Voice of Kids Season 1, 4-4 talents from Koch Raju and Mikan will advance to the top 16. In the name of being safe, digital will get superhero in to de meta varse kids, while 2-2 talents leaving the stage will be pocketed.  On behalf of Digital, 15,000 equal Scholar Skills will be given. In the second live show, Coach Milan and Raju’s 12 talents have given their presentations. There will be 16 talents out of 4-4 people each.  The first talent coach in today’s episode was Sital Paddle from Milan. After this live self, the voice of kids will get 16 talents.  Numa Rai, EPC Jung Chamling, Teresa Kumari Biswakarma and Chhitij from Koch Milan have made it to the top 16.

The Voice of Kids Season 1 is coached by Pramod Kharel, Raju Lama, Milan Newar and Prabhisa Adhikari. The host is Sushil Nepal.  The voice kids have been started for the purpose of teaching more interest and teaching in children’s music and to develop their instincts. For the first time ever to inspire children involved in music, it will play an important role in shaping the musical future of many children.  It has become the first medium to present melodious songs to the world through music. From where children will learn a lot.

Shortly after the launch of voice of nepal, Voice Kids was established for the development of children in the field of singing.  The program will be conducted by famous people who have gained a lot of experience in the field of music. It will be an important learning place for the children who have been involved in the field of music since childhood. Nepali language will be used in the program.  The future will also play an important role for children who want to spend time in the music industry.

The program, which is being conducted for the first time in Nepal, will be conducted by Voice of Nepal. The coaches of the program will be famous artists of Nepal.  Prabisha, the beautiful popular singer, will be reunited. In the program, various artist songs, music cars, composers will be seen. For the first time in Nepal, we will be able to learn not only entertainment but also a lot. Nepali cold music in the country and abroad.  It will also be a fun bag for the citizens who like it.

Pramod, who coached Voice of Nepal from season 1 to 3, has the highest salary. He lifted the top twice in a row. He now earns 35,000 rupees, followed by Raju Lama in second place.  Yes, everyone likes him. He gets paid 30,000 per episode.  It is a good idea to start a new dimension when there is no basis for those who start their journey in the field of children and music. Children’s melodious sweets that are free.  .

The new coaches in The Voice of Kids, Prabisa and Milan, have just been admitted. Despite being new coaches, they have fulfilled the role of coach. Milan Newar Prabisa officials are getting equal remuneration.  Sushil Nepal, who has been working as a host since its inception, has been earning Rs 20,000 per episode. The highest paid Pramod has been able to give his voice in many songs.  This will create the future of thousands of children and many will be entertained.

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