The voice of nepal season 3, Kiran and Sanju

Born and raised in Nepal despite being a Bhutanese refugee, Kiran Gajmer, who has been living in the US for a long time, and Darjeeling, the beautiful city of millions of people’s hearts, grew up as a very popular couple in Battle in Season 3, Voice of Nepal. Is taken. Not only have they made a name for themselves in the field of music, they have also found close friends, both of whom see themselves as partners, which makes it even easier for them to move on with their lives.

Although Kiran Gajmer managed to win the title of The Voice of Nepal Season 3, despite the security backlash, he continued his journey to make songs in life. The two have a very close friendship and, they say, security is close to each other’s family members. Although they have recorded the songs separately and made them public, they have said that they will soon release the songs in the voice of both of them. He said that Kiran and Suraksha were very happy to see each other in the first interview.

Kiran said that they started talking about being partners from the very beginning when they were chosen as a couple, even though they were close by voice. Are told. She said that the security has taken care of Kuran a lot. He said that whatever we are talking about, the happiness and sorrows of the two are flooding each other. He said that the friendship between the two of them would make it easier for them to work and they would consult each other on various issues.

Kiran, who used to come to Nepal after winning the title of The Voice of Nepal and used to record songs when he came, recently started recording his first song when he came to Nepal. Kiran, who is thinking of making his own identity by engaging in Nepali music, is now making progress in his field day by day.

The song composed by Kiran shows the problem that is affecting the lives of most people in the current environment. Despite all the changes in our society, people are still not able to live freely, many are forced to lose their love due to fear of home, family and society. The unrequited love of many people in the society and later enjoying the same love with others, the situation of meeting the first lover is shown in the music video.

Kiran has said that she has won the love of many viewers as she continues to give entertaining social message to the audience by translating various things in the society into art. Kiran has requested to give feedback by watching the song as it is the first time that she has been given a lot of responsibility and all the teams have worked hard. He said that he considered himself lucky to be able to live happily with his family at home and that there was always music around him.

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