The Voice of Nepal Season 4 – 2022 – Episode 19 | Knockout

Season 4 of the musical reality show ‘The Voice of Nepal’ has started airing on Himalaya Television from 24th August on Friday and Saturday nights from 8 pm. Knockout auditions are going on through blind, and battle, and the coach is building his 3-3 team. The first knockout of the first day was of Team Pramod, in which Asis Mahar, Ashish Raimazhi, and Yogesh Magar entered from Team Pramod live.

In season 4 of the voice of Nepal, if the contestants failed to turn a coach back to them, they were not allowed to meet the coach and had to return the same way they went. While Sushil Nepal conducted the program, Rajesh Payal Rai climbed the stage in the first number, and the program was conducted with the joint presentation of all four coaches. Starting the journey of selection from the east, the work has been done to find the voices hidden in the village houses.

From the talents hidden in the village houses to the people who want to become singers in the city market, the voice of Nepal has been selecting and rewarding the best talents. have said. For singers who have gained popularity in the country and abroad, the program of selecting new talent and bringing it to the right place has brought out many hidden talents every year. After the successful completion of the three seasons of the singing reality show ‘The Voice of Nepal’, preparations for the fourth season have been completed.

Although coach Pramod Kharel has been in place since the first season, some others have been changing. Among the coaches in season three, two new coaches will be seen in season 4. The voice team informed that the coach has been changed while doing a program in Kathmandu on Thursday. Rajesh Payal Rai and Pravisha Adhikari will appear in place of Deep Shrestha, who was seen as a coach in all three seasons, and Trishna Gurung, who was a coach in the third season. Director Laxman Paudel said, “If the coach is changed, some new talent will come from him.”

The team of voice said that giving space to new coaches, will give birth to new talents, and the learning talents will also get the experience of new things, and the coaches will change. New coaches Rajesh and Praveesha said they are excited to join in the upcoming season, while earlier the show used to change one female coach every season, this time two coaches have been changed. Although the female coach has changed since season one, the male coach has remained the same, this time Koch Deep, who succeeded in lifting the title of season one, has been replaced by a new coach Rajesh Payal Rai.

Pramod Kharel and Raju Lama, who were coaches in the previous two seasons, will remain the same this year as well. Coach Pramod Kharel, Raju Lama, Rajesh Payal Rai, and Prabisha Adhikari who succeeded in lifting the title of two and three in The voice of Nepal season 4 will remain as coaches. In the program, it has been informed that the work of the show has reached its final stage.

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