The ward chairman pointing a finger at Mayor Balen Sah says: Insult me ​​even more.

After the election in Kathmandu, at the first meeting of the executive committee, ward president of ward no. Rijal, who is currently paying a heartfelt tribute on social media, has said that those who abuse him should still abuse him. Rijal has requested Mayor Sap to conduct a meeting after studying the rules and regulations of the executive branch. He said that he had raised his voice as the meeting had to be chaired by the executive.

Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Balen Sahar Deputy Mayor Sunita Dhungol, who has attracted the attention of citizens across the country, is a person of hope and trust. He has attracted the attention of citizens across the country, who have done a history of disintegration in the executive branch by doing things that have not been done so far. Have been shown. He has expressed his commitment that he will not be happy without managing the garbage, eating late and wearing garlands.

Sunita Dhungol, who has become the deputy mayor of Kathmandu by a big margin of votes, has also handed over the rights of the Singh Durbar to all the wards, just like in the villages. She said that the government has decided to set up a women’s cell in all the wards and reconciliation centers in all the wards. Citizens across the country have high hopes for him, but he is also being talked about in neighboring countries. After entering his office, he was unable to speak because of his problems, tears in his eyes, crying and telling his pain to Balen.

The people sitting in the people’s representative judicial committee have said that they have seen their dreams when they have suffered, when they have lost hope in many places, the victims have seen their dreams in your eyes. Balen and Sunita have said that they will always be the charioteers of the people’s suffering. Kathmandu Mayor Balen Sah, who has not become a member of any political party and has become a subject of interest for everyone, is now found to be a subject of interest even outside Nepal. India and China have also discussed the possibility of independent candidates being sidelined by the big party. Balen Sah, who has become the subject of everyone’s interest, has not lost his curiosity about the meeting of Balen, who entered the army headquarters after becoming the mayor.

“Our country is a country with great potential in all fields including agro-tourism. If we can make good use of the opportunities here, Nepalis should stay away from the compulsion to go abroad,” he said. According to Balen, it is essential for the youth to take the lead in bringing about change in the Nepali society. She said that the youth should show their power in changing the society. In a time when the old society and culture are changing, people are robbing others of their happiness for their own happiness, even though the society calls me crazy, my rhythm is my own, I rejoice in my world, many people forget the social culture.

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