The water of Melamchi is falling into the stream of Kathmandu again.

Nepal, known as the second richest country in Asia after Brazil in terms of water resources, is now facing water scarcity in the capital. People from children to the elderly should use water as little as possible. Although there are many resources, in Nepal, due to lack of water resources management, many citizens have to bear the brunt. Although Melamchi water was brought through tunnels for the purpose of providing safe drinking water to the people in the capital, the floods in the rainy season destroy the structures in the river itself.

The Melamchi River at Sindhupalchowk was brought to Kathmandu through a tunnel to make up for the water shortage in Kathmandu. The government had planned to provide water to the people. Even after investing money, the common man did not have access to drinking water. The government has been continuously working to ensure that the drinking water of Melamchi will reach Kathmandu by 2078 BS.

According to the senior engineer, there is a 26 km long tunnel up to Sundari Jal in Kathmandu. The water was shut off, at other times the water continued to flow and after heavy rains, landslides, landslides, it took a long time to clean it up, water brought by the state with billions of rupees invested, people are now happy to have water to drink while floods destroy dreams. There is a kind of suffering added to human beings.

Water, which is considered important in human life, cannot even be imagined without human life. Water has given life to human beings. It is said that it will take some time and cost a lot to bring water to Kathmandu.

Consumers seem to have to think of new alternatives even when trying to invest heavily in food supply. Melamchi had reached Kathmandu after the completion of drinking water project. Consumers of Kathmandu drank Melamchi water for three months. It was not there, it was cleaned and water was brought back, the Chinese company Sino Hydro, which had worked here in the past, has been handed over again.

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