The work done by Dr. Ruit in good faith with Rabi

There are some exemplary people in Nepal. Who are promoting social service along with their
profession. They have been working to please the economically weaker than to earn. In fact, it is
the individual who is doing what the government cannot do. These people have really come in
the form of a living God for the poor. Today we are going to talk about such a person. Who have
gone to remote areas to bring light to the eyes of hundreds. Yes in today’s series we have Dr. We
are going to have a conversation with Santuk Ruit by journalist Rabbi Lamichhane.

Born in Olangchungola, Taplejung, Dr. Ruit had gone to Darjeeling to attend school. After
coming to Kathmandu to study, he got a scholarship to study MBBS in India. After completing
the study accordingly, he went to work in Kunakandra, Nepal. Later he studied the subject of
eyes again. He said that now when he looks at himself, he feels as if he has reached a certain

So far, Dr. Ruit has donated eyesight to 125,000 people. At Tilganga Hospital, he has brought
light to the eyes of many. Not only this, the students who have given training and knowledge at
Tilganga Hospital have been successfully treating eyes in the country and abroad. Dr. Ruit is
providing eye drops for up to $400 for $ 5. He could have made a lot of money if he had
wanted to. But he never thought of making money.

Dr. Ruitt says he loves his job very much. He says that the more he likes his profession, the more
it will have an impact. He has been recounting some of the painful scenes he had during his
treatment from time to time. He still vividly remembers the scene he saw in Dolakha ten years
ago. A woman was brought to the eye camp run by Ruit in Doko. The woman had been blind for
five years. The woman, who got married and reached Sindhupalchowk, was living with her
brother in Dolakha district after her husband despised her for not being able to work at home.
She had a 6-year-old and a 3-year-old granddaughter. She lost her sight and gave birth to a baby

After Dr. Ruit operated on her, she opened her eyes and looked at the little girl. She had not even
seen the baby. She stared at him for a moment. She kissed him on the cheek and held him in her
arms, shedding tears. This scene still haunts Dr. Ruit. He said that he was happy to see those

There are many such incidents that he has seen, among which the scene after the surgery of 8-
year-old Roshan also comes to his eyes. After opening his blindfold, Roshan suddenly came to

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