There has been a big conspiracy to wipe out Paul Sah. .

When Paul Sah, who is popular in the music video and film industry, has been in jail for a long time, Borna Bahadur Karki, a senior advocate of the Supreme Court, has said that Paul Sah has been unfairly treated. He said that the girl, who is called the victim, made a mistake, and after the girl told that she had raised herself and filed a case, she had to be released immediately, so she tried to trap Paul Sah while keeping her in jail.

Karki said that even though he went to the judge to ask for justice, but he did not get justice, the victim had to eat twenty in the court, so the court may have been set up. Karki has said that even the Chief Justice of the High Court is doing injustice to those who should be given justice depending on the setting at the time when accusations are being made. He said that when Paul Sah was kept in jail, there could be a big conspiracy behind that incident. He said that such incidents are breaking people’s faith in the court.

After the high court upheld the decision of the district court, not only the heroes of the movie, but the heroes of the people of the country will be trapped, but the traitors and corrupt people will be roaming around. They are engaged in a continuous street demonstration for the day. Organizations, NGOs, INGOs opened in the name of women, children, oppressed, backward groups, and the rights workers in them, have been requested to work cautiously. In order to trap any good person, regardless of the person or organization behind it, the people who have been conducting street protests have said that it will be fatal for the society.

In order to hear the case of Paul Shah, who has been in jail for a long time, the date of the hearing in the High Court has been postponed several times. He is angry that he was forced to keep him in jail. For a long time, the date of his trial has been postponed due to various reasons, as a result of which there is a delay in getting justice for Paul Sah. On Sunday at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, while giving a statement at the district court in Tanahun, she said that the details given in the complaint are not true. He said that after the case was weakened after the victim who filed the complaint said that he did not do it, Paul Sah got closer to justice.

He said that until Paul Sah is acquitted by both courts, he will remain in jail, after taking the statement of both of them, the court will pronounce the verdict, after Tanhu takes the final statement and Nawalparasi takes the final statement, the case will be decided. Bhurn Bahadur has said that the one who gives the higher sentence will get the punishment given by the two courts. In the petition, the victim stated that Karni was in Pokhara on 09-10-2077 and Tanahun on 2078-01-14. There is a legal provision to file a complaint within one year of the incident.

On the basis of the petition given by the minor singer accusing her of rape, Nayak Paul Sahle, who was sent to prison for pre-trial detention, has appealed to the Pokhara High Court against the order given by Tanahu by the district court. Bishnu Prasad Adhikari, information officer of Pokhara High Court, has informed that Sah rejected the order of the District Court Tanhu and filed a petition in the Higher High Court with the demand to release the prisoner in Tarif. After Paul Sah filed a case in Tanhu on 11th of February saying that he raped her repeatedly, Sah went to the police station on 15th of February based on the complaint.

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